ADHD and ADD Depression and Women with ADHD

The main symptoms of ADHD include inattention, distractibility, and impulsivity. In most cases of adult ADHD, these symptoms are present in childhood but don’t become problematic until adulthood. ADHD affects 4.4% of adults.

How common is depression in women who have adult ADHD?

The lifetime frequency of major depression in adult women with ADHD is 36%. This is 6 times the rate in women who have no ADHD and 1-1/2 times the rate in men who have adult ADHD. Frequently, depression in women appears to be due to the problems associated with coping with undiagnosed ADHD. If it seems appropriate, we may only start a medication for ADHD. Frequently, depression improves so much that another medicine for depression is not necessary.

If medicine is necessary for the depression, Wellbutrin may be recommended and no other medicine for ADHD. Wellbutrin may parsimoniously treat both conditions. Wellbutrin relieves depression in 70% of patients and relieves ADHD symptoms in 57% of patients. Effexor may treat both conditions as well.

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