Fee Schedule For Atlanta Psychiatric Services by Dr. Hege

Follow-up medication adjustment sessions: $150 .

Initial psychiatric evaluation session: $295.

Initial psychiatric evaluation session charge is a one time charge for the first 30 minute visit during which Dr. Hege reviews your history and examines you for numerous psychiatric conditions to make the best recommendations for medication, if indicated. He may recommend a particular “talk” therapy by a therapist from his network if you don’t already have a therapist. This initial session is a diagnostic evaluation and not a therapy session. If you have a pause in follow up sessions of more than six months, a repeat initial evaluation session charge will be necessary for a comprehensive review for changes in your condition and health.

Follow-up sessions are scheduled less frequently as you improve to a maximum of three months intervals. Adequate refills of medication to last until the next recommended appointment are written during sessions.

Other Charges:

Unkept appointments: $150. (Appointments not kept and not canceled 24 hours in advance)

Video session follow-up visits: $150.

Refills between appointments: $30

Prior authorization required by insurances for some medications: $35.

*(We accept cash, credit cards and debit cards. No checks.)

Private Pay Advantages

No third-party invasion of your privacy. Confidential diagnosis and treatment. No insurance company or managed care interference for self-pay evening and weekend appointments. Get the best psychiatric care available. Who do you trust most to select treatment…you and your physician or an insurance company executive? Dr. Darvin Hege’s sole allegiance is to you. Dr. Hege has no split allegiance between an insurance company and you.

After a private 1:1 evaluation with a board certified psychiatrist with 31 years experience, recommendations are made for your care. We are the partners who decide your treatment. You are informed of treatment options, effectiveness probabilities, risks and benefits, and cost. Dr. Hege assists you in the decision process and the ongoing unfolding treatment adjustments. Take full control of your confidential health care today.