Telltale Signs of Undiagnosed Adult ADHD

Adults with ADHD find most aspects of their life are impaired in one way or another. Adults who have recently been diagnosed with adult ADHD report that they have previously experienced significant difficulties in their personal or social relationships, in being an effective parent or role model, to even their employment – UCLA’s Psychiatry Department research shows that when comparing similar job positions, those adults with ADHD make significantly less income.

Impact of Undiagnosed Adult ADHD Widespread

Adults with undiagnosed ADHD find that when they finally receive the correct diagnosis and begin treatment with a qualified health care practitioner they are able to look back and see all the “signs and symptoms” missed for years and even decades.

Adults with untreated ADHD have a higher divorce rate, higher percentage rate of unemployment in the population, discover themselves at a loss at developing effective parenting skills especially if their child has ADHD, find the struggle with substance abuse challenging and even end up paying higher car insurance rates from their ongoing history of multiple car accidents or tickets.

Misdiagnosis of Adult ADHD

Adults with ADHD often do seek out help from the medical community but are often misdiagnosed. Doctors inexperienced in working with adult ADHD may provide a diagnosis of depression or anxiety and prescribe antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication. These medicines may improve the overall situation somewhat as adults with ADHD often do have both of these overlapping conditions – the treatment is incomplete and not effective as the core problem is missed or misdiagnosed.

Telltale Symptoms of Adult ADHD

While the number and severity of symptoms as well as the disruption adult ADHD may cause vary widely, receiving the correct diagnosis and starting on the right treatment can bring about positive changes to their life as well as to all those they interact with regularly.

  • Problems with Attention – easily distracted by noise, movement or activity; adults with ADHD are able to focus on what interests them but have difficulty paying attention to tasks or activities they find boring, dull or require too much cognitive concentration or effort.
  • Forgetfulness – some adults with ADHD may perform a task or job well but find they forget or get tripped up by the details involved; others may find they are constantly forgetting and misplacing items; still others may find they need frequent reminders to complete a task fully or to “finish up any missing ends.”
  • Feeling Restless or Acting Impulsively – adults with undiagnosed ADHD may not find themselves hyperactive, however they may make rash impulsive decisions, blurt out thoughts or feelings without thinking, frequently interrupt others as they have trouble waiting their turn, or they may display a “habit” of fidgeting or wriggling around in their seat.
  • Disorganization or Procrastination – adults with ADHD may find it difficult to gather all needed material or items to start or finish a project properly, tasks may be put off until the last minute even if there are negative consequences involved, or they may constantly run late, lose track of time, and never feel like they “have their life together.”

Find the Right Diagnosis Once and For All

The correct diagnosis and treatment for adult ADHD is a phone call away. Call the office for a confidential appointment.

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