Mental Health Medication Differences Generic vs Brand Name

The demand for generic mental health medication has risen with improved diagnostics, increased acceptance of reaching out for help with mental health issues, and the escalating cost of brand name medications. In the United States, approximately 80% of prescriptions being filled, are generic, whether this is based on insurance coverage or due to patient preference for financial reasons.

Generic Mental Health Medication Availability to Increase

While not all mental health or psychiatric drugs are available in generic form, the use of generic medications is expected to grow as the cost of medications continues to rise, insurance coverage looks for a less expensive alternative, or patients themselves are looking to reduce out-of-pocket costs. For those unsure about using generic or pharmaceutical alternative medications, working with a knowledgeable psychiatrist can ease your mind about which medication is the best one for you and your needs.


Generic vs Brand Name Differences and Similarities

For those who are concerned about the effectiveness of mental health generic versus brand name medications, it is important to review just how the two types of drugs are both the same, and different. If the physician does not want generic psychiatric or mental health medication used, they may specify this on the prescription. If you have questions or concerns about the use of generic drugs, talk with your doctor about this.

Generic or pharmaceutical alternative medications are the same in that:

  • Pharmaceutically equivalent to the brand-name drug
  • Generic contains the same active ingredient as the brand-name
  • Is identical in strength to brand-name
  • Identical in dosage form to brand-name
  • Identical in the route of administration
  • Bioequivalent when compared to their brand-name counterpart
  • May be similar in terms of efficacy, safety and in how the body tolerates the drug

Generic or pharmaceutical alternative medications are different in that:

  • Generics do not have to contain the same inactive ingredients as the brand name (inactive ingredients include binding materials, dyes, preservatives, flavoring agents which do not affect the therapeutic action of the medication)
  • Generics made by different manufacturers may look different from each other. A patient may be allergic to one generic, but not another due to differences in manufacturing and inactive ingredients used
  • The active ingredient may be chemically bound in a way that is different from the original drug formulation and may result in differences in how the body uses this type of medication
  • Some generics may leave you not “feeling” the same as with a brand name drug
  • You may have an allergic reaction to the inactive ingredients used (which could also occur with a brand-name medication)

Mental Health Medication Prescription Doctor 

The use of a brand name or generic psych meds is a discussion to have with your psychiatrist if you have any concerns. Call Dr. Hege for an appointment to discuss your mental health concerns as well as having your generic psychiatric medications evaluated for optimal effectiveness.

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