Suboxone Physicians

Suboxone Physicians

How Can I Find A Physician To Prescribe Suboxone?

I am certified to prescribe Suboxone. My office is in north Atlanta, Georgia, near the Perimeter Interstate. Other physicians as well as myself are listed on these sites:

How Soon Can I Get In To See A Doctor For Suboxone?

I can usually work in a new patient the same day. I have evening and weekend hours as well as daytime hours.

Can Suboxone Be Called In For A Refill?

Suboxone can be called in because it is A Schedule III medicine. However, patients need to see me at least once every 30 days for maintenance prescriptions of Suboxone.

What Pharmacies Stock Suboxone?

Most pharmacies stock Suboxone now. However the farther away from metropolitan Atlanta you go, the more often a pharmacy may not stock it or have a limited supply.

If you or someone you love requires help from Suboxone,
contact Dr. Darvin Hege today at 770-458-0007