Strattera, the Non-Stimulant Adult ADHD Medication for Optimal Results

There are several medication options that your ADHD psychiatrist has at their disposal in evaluating and defining the appropriate treatment regime for you. Everyone is unique in how they react to different levels of ADHD medications, either as a singular prescription or in combination with other types of non-ADHD drugs. While the diagnosis of adult ADHD does require exhibiting specific common symptoms and behaviors, the appropriate medication treatment plan can significantly vary from person to person.

Adult ADHD Prescription Medications

The most common medications used for Adult ADHD are stimulants. Stimulants can help those who exhibit symptoms such as restlessness, inattention, lack of concentration, and difficulty completing work within time limits, as well as those who exhibit reckless behavior or have difficulty managing their anger in social situations. But for some, a stimulant may not be the best choice. An alternative treatment option for ADHD is Strattera – a non-stimulant medication.

Psychiatrists with an extensive background in evaluating and treating adult ADHD can successfully determine what medications bring you relief from your symptoms and negative behaviors. Strattera is an important drug to consider, especially if you might do better with a non-stimulant treatment plan.

How Does Strattera Work?

The Journal of Psychiatry reports that Strattera, or atomoxetine hydrochloride, is a non-stimulant ADHD psychotherapeutic agent that works to increase brain levels of norepinephrine, a chemical that is in short supply in those people that are diagnosed with ADHD.

The increase in levels of norepinephrine has a positive impact on one’s life by improving attention span, reducing impulsivity and hyperactivity without the use of a stimulant. In addition Strattera can be discontinued without having to taper off the medication like with the other adult ADHD stimulant prescriptions.

Strattera begins to work gradually, so improvements will not be immediate but continue to increase over several months. If more immediate relief is needed, Strattera may be paired with other medications that don’t take as much time to build up in one’s system. Then once Strattera has had time to reach full effect, a person may be weaned off stimulants.

Is It Right for You? Talk to a Georgia Psychiatrist.

Your Atlanta adult ADHD psychiatrist Dr. Darvin Hege, M.D. will work with you to complete a comprehensive evaluation, developing the most effective treatment plan for your physiology, symptoms and behaviors.

Coping with the often frustrating symptoms of adult ADHD can lead to life and social disturbances that can lead to other self abusive behaviors and depression. If you have adult ADHD by itself or with a combination of other emotional or psychological issues, call Dr. Darvin Hege, M.D. to schedule an initial visit and assessment and bring yourself back to the positive side of living.

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