Risk of Psychiatric Disorder after TBI

Psychiatric News reported on studies that shows after a traumatic brain injury, TBI, there is an increased risk of developing a psychiatric disorder. The most common disorders found after a TBI are PTSD, panic or anxiety disorder, depression and social phobias. In addition, significant complaints that impact daily life include problems with memory, sleep, concentration and focus. In the U.S., with some 2 million sustaining a TBI every year, it is important to increase awareness to psychological, emotional and physiological problems that can occur after TBI.

TBI Increases Risk of Psychiatric Disorder to Over 400%

A 30+ year study the American Journal of Psychiatry just published in April 2014 shows dramatic increases of the development of a major psychiatric disorder after a TBI, while pre-existing mental illness can increase the severity of the symptoms. Developing bipolar disorder risk increased by 28%, depression increased by 59%, a diagnosis of schizophrenia increased by 65%, and the development of organic mental disorders increased by 439%. Research data presented illustrates that the additional risk was not credited to any family history of psychiatric illness, nor was the risk of a TBI shown to happen more to someone who was accident prone.

Mental Health Illness after TBI Needs Psychiatric Evaluation

With increasing awareness of the all-encompassing impact a TBI can have on the emotional, psychological health and well-being of a person, earlier diagnosis and proper treatment can begin for any developing psychiatric disorders. Finding a qualified psychiatrist experienced in frequent initial medication adjustments and modification following a diagnosis of psychiatric disorder after a TBI is critical.  Mental health illness responds to pharmacological treatment no matter if the disorder developed from a TBI or not.

Atlanta TBI Psychiatric Disorder Specialist

If mental health concerns begin to interfere with your life after a concussion, closed head injury, or TBI, it is time for a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation to determine if a psychiatric treatment plan is in order. Contact us for help.

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