Telepsychiatry Option: Psychiatric Treatment via Live Video Sessions

Telepsychiatry saw its early beginnings decades ago when it was used primarily as a way to reach patients in supervised sites such as hospitals, health care facilities, prisons and rural clinics. The American Journal of Psychiatry reports technology has progressed over the years with live interactive video sessions, also coined Telepsychiatry, becoming a viable option for psychiatrists in today’s fast paced world.

Telepsychiatry Provides Open Access and Unique Point of Service Delivery

The American Psychological Association states that Telepsychiatry affords the option of meeting patient’s needs where they may be unable to easily travel for on-going treatment due to physical limitations, or where a mental health issue impacts their psychological ability to leave their home and travel to a set appointment.

In addition to meeting the need for patients who would otherwise “go without” regular psychiatric care, live interactive video conferencing also fits nicely with the busy patient who would like to have their session during a work break, while out of town on business, during vacation, or for any number of personal reasons. The normal office visit changes into a psychiatric session in the patient’s living or work environment.

Secure Private Live Video Treatment Sessions

Convenience may be a major factor in setting up live video conferencing with your Atlanta telepsychiatrist Dr. Hege. In addition, the security and privacy of your session is of the highest priority. The program and software utilized by Dr. Hege ensures privacy with a security rating that meets stringent HIPAA requirements for security and privacy.

Connecting to Live Video Conferencing Achieved from Wherever You Are

Once Dr. Hege, your Georgia telepsychiatrist, determines you would benefit from the option of live video conferencing, he would set up your session time, providing you with the information to log in at your scheduled time.

Telepsychiatry sessions with Dr. Darvin Hege can be accomplished from anywhere you have WiFi, cellular service or an internet connection. Your live video session can be accessed on your laptop or desktop computer, on an iPhone, Android, or Kindle Fire HD through use of an application that can be downloaded in just a few moments.

Georgia Telepsychiatry Expands the Boundaries of His Practice

Dr. Darvin Hege is well known among his colleagues not only for decades of successful treatment results for his patients, but also for expanding the boundaries of his Atlanta based practice to other areas of Georgia through the utilization of video technology to meet the changing needs and lifestyles of his patients.

Call the office to schedule an appointment today. Dr. Hege requires an initial in-office visit. When he feels the patient is stable, the visits may be via video conferencing.

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Dr. Darvin Hege has 25 years of experience dealing with adult patients who have adhd, bipolar disorders, drug addictions, panic attacks, depression, stress, and other mental health disorders. He offers evening and weekend office hours at his Atlanta, GA practice. Call today at 770 458-0007 for an evaluation for relief of your psychiatric disorders and for help deciding the most effective and safest treatment.

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