Psychiatric Self-Diagnosis Delays Correct Treatment

Successful psychiatric treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis. Psychiatric self-diagnosis not only delays correct treatment, but it may also lead to further exacerbation of the symptoms being experienced or allow disruptive behavioral manifestations to increase, impacting others at home, work, or in social situations. Many self-diagnose reaching often inaccurate conclusions about what may, or may not, be the problem.

Psychiatric Self-Diagnosis Lacking in Skill Base

Being able to provide a comprehensive and accurate psychiatric diagnosis requires extensive training, expert clinical knowledge, updated professional continuing education, and a solid foundation developed over the years through hands-on experience working in the field. In addition, psychiatrists are specialists skilled in not only understanding critical differences between and among psychological disorders, but who are able to determine the impact of any medical issues that may play a vital part in the overall diagnosis and development of a treatment plan.

Psychiatric Self-Diagnosis Typically Incorrect

Deciding “what is wrong” with yourself is often self-limiting, looking at yourself, your symptoms, your behaviors with a subjective eye. Studies, for example, have shown that almost 70% of those who report anxiety as their main concern is later diagnosed with the second issue of depression. Discovering a second or third mental health disorder, or a medical factor, which needs to be treated and planned for, maybe completely overlooked with self-diagnosis.

Psychiatric Self-Diagnosis Misses Medical Issues

Working with a skilled psychiatrist who provides a comprehensive and complete evaluation before making a final diagnosis will ensure any medical issues that may be a complicating factor, or which may be masquerading as a psychiatric syndrome can be discovered. Self-diagnosis would miss a serious cardiac, endocrine, or neurological problem – treating symptoms with over-the-counter medications, herbs, or other natural methods may be an incorrect decision that may impact or worsen your overall health.

Atlanta Diagnostic Psychiatrist

If symptoms or behaviors are causing problems or unrest in your home, work or social situations, seek out an experienced mental health professional for an accurate diagnosis. Call Dr. Hege, the Atlanta diagnostic psychiatrist of choice for adult mental health disorders.


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