Proper ADD or ADHD Diagnosis Key in Successful Treatment Plan

The diagnosis of ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a mental disorder that can include difficulty with paying attention, focusing on a task, displaying disruptive behaviors that can cause a problem at school, work or in one’s personal life. Other ADHD markers may also include exhibiting impulsive actions that could pose a safety risk and viewed as non-conforming behaviors that are not socially acceptable, or by reacting with episodes of hyper-activity which brings a feeling of chaos into an otherwise calm situation.

ADHD Diagnosis Broken Down into Subtypes for Clearer Understanding

Receiving the proper diagnosis is the first step toward finding the right treatment that works for you. reports that ADD or attention deficit disorder is a term that was used years ago, it refers to those that have difficulty paying attention yet are not significantly impulsive or hyperactive in their behaviors and actions. When referring to ADD today, it is generally understood that it points to the inattentive sub-type of ADHD. Those with ADHD tend to exhibit difficulty with concentrating, paying attention, using organizational skills, as well as have problems with remembering details or directions, following instructions, or being able to focus in on their job trying to decipher the important meaning out from all the background noise and activity. In addition behaviors related to ADHD when left untreated include problematic confrontations with friends, family and co-workers.

ADD or ADHD: What’s the Difference?

The difference between ADD and ADHD is that today the terms are merged into one ADHD diagnosis with the sub-type of either inattention, impulsivity or hyperactivity as the prominent factor. An adult may display disruptive behaviors from one sub-type such as inattention, or have a combination of two or all three sub-types. A combination of sub-types may not all be exhibited equally at the same time, and their interfering factors may change from day to day, and situation to situation. Finding an experienced adult ADHD psychiatrist is critical in order to determine how each aspect or sub-type is interrelated, how it impacts your life, and how to adjust the right medication(s). Medicating for one problematic behavior without having a whole-person strategy in place will not provide an effective treatment plan.

Adult ADHD Psychiatrist Provides Comprehensive Treatment

Dr. Darvin Hege is the Atlanta area expert in adult ADHD to call. Dr. Hege will make the correct diagnosis and develop a personalized treatment plan which may incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy or an adjunct therapy in addition to medication.

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