Nicotine Addiction Recovery That Lasts

Tobacco products which include cigarettes, cigars, pipe smoking, or smokeless tobacco can all be addictive due to the nicotine they contain. Nicotine addiction recovery is difficult with about 35-million people making the attempt to quit smoking every year. Relapse is common, often within the very first week.

Nicotine Addiction Recovery from Smoking

For smokers, it is the nicotine in the tobacco that is addictive. While each cigarette may contain about 10-milligrams of nicotine, only about 1-to-2 milligrams from each cigarette is actually absorbed into the lungs. Nicotine is highly addictive, and even in the small amounts actually absorbed by the body, a person soon finds the compulsion to smoke turn into an addiction.

Nicotine and Body Chemistry

Once inhaled, nicotine travels to the brain within 7-to-10 seconds and its influence on body functions is immediately felt. One of nicotine’s effects on the brain is in the release of adrenaline, which in turn increases heart rate, and blood pressure while restricting blood flow to the heart. While the release of adrenaline also moves excess glucose into the bloodstream, the nicotine works to hinder the release of insulin from the pancreas, thus allowing a state of blood sugar higher than normal to exist.

Another significant effect of nicotine on the brain is that it activates the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter, which gives the smoker feelings of euphoria, which plays a major role in nicotine addiction recovery.

Nicotine Addiction Recovery Treatments

Recovery from tobacco addiction can become your new reality. Working with a nicotine addiction professional provides the specialized direction, use of cognitive-behavioral treatment programs, and prescribed medications, like Chantix, while following a successful individualized plan to quit smoking, ending your addiction to nicotine.

Nicotine Addiction Recovery Doctor

Research has shown the most effective way to quit smoking is to utilize both medication and cognitive behavioral therapy. Free yourself from the prison of nicotine addiction and start enjoying living nicotine free – Call Dr. Hege for a convenient appointment that meets your life schedule.


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