Major Psych Disorders Genetically Linked

Adult ADHD, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, schizophrenia and Autism have been genetically linked in the world’s largest study of its kind. Research found that a person’s genome, the complete set of their own DNA, for the above listed psychiatric disorders can be traced back to the same common inherited genetic risk factors. These studies have been intensive, involving countries all around the world and a database of more than 60,000 participants.

Studying the Genetic Link with Mental Health

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that the common genetic code variations account for up to 28% risk for developing the illness. The DNA-Gene code exhibits four regions of the genetic code where variation was linked to all five disorders. Bipolar disorder is noted in the top two areas of overlap with the highest combination of bipolar-depression, and bipolar-schizophrenia. Adult ADHD and depression show a moderate risk factor as well as well as being the category where the majority of patients go for psychiatric help.

Genetic, Dual Diagnosis and Treatment

Discovering your true diagnosis is key to living a functional life rather than forever guessing what might be wrong. A comprehensive mental health evaluation will allow experts to plan out the proper treatment, medications, cognitive behavioral therapy and other adjunct therapies if indicated. Bipolar disorder and depression overlapping 10% of genetic variation accounts for significant numbers of those with a dual diagnosis receiving only a piece of the treatment puzzle.

Statistics show that inheritability is 80% with schizophrenia using long-term twin and family studies and 23% where the common genetic variation is accounted for. When two psychiatric disorders overlap through shared common inherited genetic risk variations is when choosing a qualified and experienced psychiatrist becomes critical.

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