Evening and Weekend Psychiatric Care a Winning Plan

In a national survey of counseling centers, the Journal NASPA reports that the demand for psychiatric or mental health counseling has increased along with the severity of mental health issues and disorders being diagnosed. To add an additional stressor — in this fast paced world we live in there is often little available extra time where personal mental health issues can be effectively treated or managed.

Social and Cultural Factors Related to Rising Numbers of Mental Health Issues

While many psychological disorders may manifest themselves in early adulthood, social and cultural factors may be directly related to the rising numbers of severe mental health concerns being diagnosed and reported across the country. Social and cultural factors that may heighten or allow the development of mental health disorders include:

  • Stress and emotional factors related to divorce or relationships ending
  • Trying to cope within a dysfunctional family
  • Poor parenting skills that lead to feeling overwhelmed, angry, guilty, or to beliefs of worthlessness, incompetence, or of being a bad parent
  • Poor frustration tolerance with little to no coping strategies
  • Exposure to violence in the family or within group dynamics
  • Difficulty dealing with instability in life that includes no job security, a poor financial situation, failing relationships, a change in personal support systems, or developing a fear of what the future holds
  • Experimentation with drugs, alcohol or sex that turns into an addiction
  • Poor interpersonal attachments or relationships related to increased use of technology and decreased person to person social interaction time
  • Development of multiple mental health issues or disorders that require professional evaluation and treatment planning to cover all areas of concern
  • Need to juggle multiple part-time jobs to “make ends meet”
  • Loss of energy related to poor sleep patterns, being “stretched too thin,” constant worry or emotional overload
  • Scheduling mental health care around an already over-stressed lifestyle

Evening and Weekend Psychiatric Care is an Alternative that Works

While there are numerous life stressors and rough patches that can trigger a psychological or physiological response requiring psychiatric evaluation and care, scheduling an appointment should not be another obstacle to face. When your life is under pressure, having the option to schedule an appointment that does not require a change to your daily routine gives you one less stressor to worry about.

Atlanta Psychiatrist Appointments Meet Your Life’s Schedule

Atlanta evening and weekend psychiatry with Dr. Darvin Hege is a practical alternative to traditional mental health services in the area. When you need an appointment that works around your work, family situation, home or school schedule you will find Dr. Hege offers flexible days and times including evenings and weekends.

Call the office today to set up an appointment time that fits your life.

About Darvin Hege

Dr. Darvin Hege has 25 years of experience dealing with adult patients who have adhd, bipolar disorders, drug addictions, panic attacks, depression, stress, and other mental health disorders. He offers evening and weekend office hours at his Atlanta, GA practice. Call today at 770 458-0007 for an evaluation for relief of your psychiatric disorders and for help deciding the most effective and safest treatment.

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