Depression and Anxiety: 75% of Diagnosed are Women

Oxford University researchers report that while the reason remains unclear, women are more apt than men to develop one or more forms of mental illness during their lifetime. The research project was intensive with 12 large scale studies focused specifically on mental illness. It was determined that for both males and females diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorders, the women were 75% more likely than their counterparts to suffer from either of these two mental health issues.

Differences between Men and Women Clear

Studies which have looked at the differences in mental illness occurrence between men and women have been worldwide. The results of all of these studies have determined that there are very clear differences between men and women when looking at the prevalence of mental illness. After the data was carefully analyzed, it was found women are about 60% more likely than men to report an anxiety disorder and 75% more likely to report depression. In addition, women were found to be up to 40% more likely to be diagnosed with any type of mental health illness.

Pattern of Internal versus External Problems

Throughout the research findings it was found that women tend to have more “internal” problems that may be self-defeating in terms of depressive thoughts and actions or via sleep issues where they either sleep too much or are unable to get proper sleep for days on end. Women tend to internalize their issues, putting the problem on themselves and then being unable to escape the negative self-concept. Men tend to “externalize” where they are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, develop anger problems, or become easily agitated and “hot-headed.”

Treatment for Depression and Anxiety Reduces Symptoms reports that receiving the proper treatment for depression and anxiety diagnoses will not reduce the significant numbers of women with mental illness, but it does decrease the numbers of women who suffer from one or both of these diagnoses. Treatment is necessary to successfully address depression and anxiety disorders in women and allow them to begin if not return to a satisfying life with excitement for the future.

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