ADHD Symptoms in Everyday Life

Adult ADHD has three core symptoms: inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity — any or all of which may impact a person’s daily life with their various symptoms and complaints. Many may miss out on years of successful treatment by not connecting the “dots” of symptoms and diagnosis. Learning to recognize what ADHD symptoms may look like in everyday life may help thousands get the treatment needed to live a more satisfying life.

Adult ADHD Diagnosis

Having one or several symptoms of adult ADHD does not mean that you do have ADHD – only an experienced health care professional or psychiatrist can make that diagnosis. Use these lists of common everyday symptoms to discuss any of the behaviors seen in yourself with a doctor who specializes in adult ADHD.

ADHD Symptoms of Inattention

What do symptoms of inattention look like in everyday life?

  • Frequently lose your keys, phone, wallet, or misplace other necessary items
  • Trouble staying focused on work, work is inaccurate, you miss details
  • Difficulty finishing what you start at home; projects left in various stages of completion
  • Messy, disorganized work, poor time management where you miss deadlines
  • Forgetful in returning phone calls, keeping appointments, paying bills on time
  • Does not listen closely, often getting incomplete information for work assignment, travel directions, or even time/date of party
  • Avoids challenging tasks of preparing reports, monthly budget, detailed job applications

ADHD Symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity on daily basis

  • Feeling constantly restless and on the move; fidgets and squirms in seat
  • Interrupting conversations or intrudes on others, jumping in to finish others’ sentences
  • Difficulty standing in line at the check-out line, staying in seat waiting at doctor office
  • Have too much energy to wait your turn in bank line, deli line, etc.
  • Talks too much; may be called a “yapper;” people may avoid running into you
  • May borrow others’ items without asking permission first

Diagnosis and Treatment Give Relief to Symptoms

Living life with several ADHD symptoms, let alone one annoying behavior can bring added stress to not only your life but the lives of family and friends who have to negotiate through the day with you. Call the office for a comprehensive evaluation and see if adult ADHD is the easily treated diagnosis that fits you.

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