ADHD Parents Need Extra Help

Being a parent is no easy task, but if you have adult ADHD the challenge dramatically increases. Medical News Today reports that ADHD parents find it difficult to be consistent with discipline, have a harder time problem solving when conflict arises, may be less likely to give praise, and tend to give commands or directions that are ineffective for follow through.

Medications Help ADHD Parents Manage

Being properly diagnosed and taking the right combination of medications provides parents with the extra help they may need to reduce the impact their adult ADHD has on their children, the family as a whole, and on themselves as well. Adult ADHD symptoms can affect all aspects of your life, but with parenting, the impact can make for a negative home atmosphere. Reacting to your child’s misbehavior or tantrums may turn an emotional event into feeling like you are losing control of the whole situation, sending you on an emotional roller coaster where you are unable regain control of the volatile situation. Proper adult ADHD medications help to keep you on an even keel.

ADHD Parents Who Seek Help Are Proactive

ADHD parents who look for help should be commended for taking a proactive step and admitting that they have special needs that need to be treated first. While many parents may put the needs of their family first, the ADHD parent may come to realize with help that having their ADHD under control will create the most positive changes for all.

Common Symptoms of Adult ADHD

While you may have one or several of the symptoms noted below, receiving a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis by a qualified psychiatrist is important as you may have one or more forms of adult ADHD, or other psychological issues that impact your mental health and ability to be the parent you want to be. Some common symptoms include:

For hyperactive episodes of adult ADHD:

  • Fidgeting (a foot, a leg, tapping fingers, shifting in their seats)
  • Difficulty with Relaxation (difficulty doing quiet activities, or seated activities)
  • Feeling energized where they feel they need to be up and on the go

For ADHD adults with inattention and focus deficits:

  • Distracted easily
  • Impulsive behaviors
  • Forgetfulness – misplacing items or frequently losing things
  • Difficulty keeping a relationship for long periods of time
  • Problems with keeping focus or attention on a conversation, a book, or a task
  • May move from job to job
  • Avoids or does not bother to finish tasks that are not easy or interesting

Atlanta Psychiatrist for Adult ADHD Parents

If you are an adult who is having difficulty with parenting issues and feel you may have ADHD, take the proactive step and call for an appointment.

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