Abruptly Stopping Psychiatric Meds Dangerous

There are numerous reasons why a person taking psychiatric medication will decide to stop taking them. The decision to stop made without mental health consultation may because they feel better and believe they no longer need the medications. Additional influences include family or friend pressure to stop, feeling a stigma is attached to those who take psych meds, fear of personality change, discomfort from side effects, or other personal reasons.

Stopping Psych Meds Abruptly Release Many Symptoms

Psychiatry Online reports abruptly stopping psych medication can quickly cause a rebound or return of the symptoms that had previously been held under control for months or years. Depending on the medication being taken, the consequences of stopping their use include withdrawal symptoms, occurrence of new symptoms, or even the appearance of worse symptoms then were experienced prior to the start of psychiatric treatment.

Going “Cold Turkey” with Psych Meds Life Threatening

The decision to stop taking psych meds without benefit of mental health or psychiatric planned medication reduction or change can be dangerous, even life threatening. Withdrawal can bring distressing reactions including potentially fatal seizures with unmonitored stoppage of psych meds. It is critically important to have medical guidance when stopping any psych meds that affect the central nervous system; the biochemical balance of the brain needs to adapt and stabilize to changes over time to prevent a medical crisis.

Management of Time Course and Side Effects Important

Working with an experienced psychiatrist specializing in psych meds ensures a smoother transition during reduction of medications if that is the decision you have reached. Other options your Atlanta psych med psychiatrist may present include switching medications, slow reduction in dosage, cognitive behavioral therapy, reducing or eliminating some psych meds while keeping essential psych medication in place, adjunct therapy, as well other proven strategies.

Psych Med Psychiatrist Alerts you to Expected Symptoms

Working with your Atlanta psych med psychiatrist is crucial throughout changes or reductions in prescribed psychotropic medications. Side effects and possible problems are more tolerable when you know what to expect as well as being aware of certain symptoms or behavioral changes that need to be immediately reported to your psychiatrist. Changes or return to prior dosages are more easily managed when you are working closely with your Georgia psychiatric med psychiatrist.

Slow Dose Reduction of Psych Meds Most Successful

Psych reports some psychiatric medication studies have shown the slower the dose is reduced the chance of relapse is reduced by one-half or more. With many psychotropic drugs however, such as antipsychotics and mood stabilizers, studies have not been well established to determine percentage of success or relapse. The best recommendation is to work closely with your psychiatrist to gradually make changes and adjustments over time.

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