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Suboxone — Treatment for Narcotic Addiction

Dr. Darvin Hege is licensed to prescribe Suboxone (buprenorphine).

How will Suboxone help with narcotic addiction?

Suboxone essentially stops narcotic craving after successful induction of Suboxone within several days. Suboxone blocks all other narcotics so patients can’t overdose or get high by ingesting or injecting any other narcotic. They get no benefit of adding any other narcotic and it causes no harm. They are just wasting their money and efforts to obtain other narcotics.

Why Suboxone?

Most patients highly prefer Suboxone over methadone for several reasons. They don’t have to go to a methadone clinic everyday and be subjected to the more unsavory crowd that is usually there. Instead they can confidentially go to a private addictionist’s outpatient office. The interval of visits progress from every few days initially to eventually one time per month. Patients feel more normal on Suboxone and have milder withdrawal when they taper or stop Suboxone as compared to methadone.

Suboxone does have analgesic effects in the range of 35-50 percent of high dose conventional narcotics. For more info, read about Suboxone on the FDA’s website.

Can I overdose on Suboxone?

Patients cannot overdose and die from Suboxone because it’s a partial agonist narcotic. This is the only narcotic with this safety feature. Rare overdoses and deaths have occurred in France when patients injected high doses of benzodiazapines with Suboxone, or ingested large amounts of alcohol with Suboxone.

More Questions and Answers about Suboxone Treatment

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