Video Sessions

Video Sessions Offer a Convenience Advantage

Video sessions are a convenient substitute for in-office visits. It reduces travel time and traffic hassles, lost revenue-producing time, missed appointment fees related to traffic jams and accidents, frustrating time sitting in the waiting room, and having to arrange for a babysitter because children are not allowed in our office.

Technology Requirements

Video sessions can be done from anywhere that you have a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Our Blue Jeans video conferencing makes it possible for you to have a video session with Dr. Hege on your iPhone, Android phone, Windows or Mac laptop or desktop computer, or Kindle fire HD via a small app that loads in less than 30 seconds for the first time you use it. The Blue Jeans facility has a high security rating that meets the stringent federal medical information security and privacy requirements known as HIPAA.


At this time all new patients must have an initial in-office evaluation by Dr. Hege. When he feels a patient is stable enough for video session management, he will let you know. Many patients are given the option to begin video sessions for their 2nd visit. A video session option is not available for patients requiring in office procedures such as urine drug screens, i.e. Suboxone patients. If a patient develops a significant new problem or significantly worsens, he may require an in-office visit. Video sessions are only available for Georgia residents.

How Fees Work

The fee for video session follow-up visits is $160. Missed appointments are $115. We will email you 30 minutes before your appointment time with Dr. Hege with a link for the 1st session. This way you can make a successful connection before your appointment time. When the connection is made, your device or computer will be waiting for the doctor to enter the meeting. You can continue to use your device or computer while it is holding for your meeting.