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If you are one of the more than 6 million adult males or 4 million adult women in the U.S. living with symptoms of adult ADHD there is more than hope, there is effective help available.

Medication options for adult ADHD include stimulant prescriptions that successfully treat up to 90% of cases. Additional options include a variety of modalities along with several choices of non-stimulant prescriptions so that virtually all diagnosed adult ADHD patients can find a treatment plan designed to meet their needs and lifestyle.

Adult ADHD patients may exhibit specific common symptoms and behaviors, however an experienced psychiatrist like Dr. Hege works to find the optimal treatment plan to fit the unique needs of the each patient. The most successful adult ADHD medication and treatment plan can be significantly different from one person to the next with Dr. Hege working to design the most effective whole-person strategy.

Those with adult ADHD may have difficulty paying attention, concentrating on a task, remembering details, and following directions. In addition those with adult ADHD feel disorganized and unprepared, or frequently find themselves embroiled in confrontations with others. If you feel adult ADHD has been the constant bump in your road of life, it is time for a proper diagnosis so that correct treatment can begin.

Successful treatment of adult ADHD results in finding satisfaction with family, at work, in social situations and in finally feeling comfortable with yourself and your life. Call the office for an appointment, and take your first step toward life satisfaction.

Dr. Hege is a fantastic physician. As a patient living with ADHD since my teenage years, he is the only doctor I have ever seen that does not treat me differently cause of my illness; all the others doctors I saw previously were insensitive and treated me like I was a drug addict cause I asked for a prescription. Not Dr. Hege – he specializes in ADHD patients and he is the only one who actually took the time to monitor and change my dose as needed in order to ensure a better quality of life for me.

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Whether you’re new to the Atlanta area, seeking help for the first time or want to find a new doctor — contact us to request an appointment. Our friendly staff would love to help you setup a time to discuss your ADHD treatment options.

From diagnosis, to ongoing medication management, we are here to help you.

Dr. Hege is passionate about using the most advanced technology, new medicines, and refined diagnoses. We welcome the opportunity to help you. Every day we look forward to seeing who comes back getting better, and who will stretch our knowledge and experience because they aren’t getting better yet. We’ve seen so many difficult cases get better over the past 30 years that we never give up. And when these patients do get better, they are the most gratifying cases of all.